Debbie 2018 (Oceanic Reiki)

Hi Sarah. I had the most amazing and relaxing oceanic reiki healing and experience with the talented Sarah this evening x got so much from this healing from the shells that Sarah used I could sense and feel their energy working on my body and I felt completely at ease. I didn't want the healing to finish it was just what I needed. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone. Thank you so very much Sarah I will certainly be booking in again x

Mandy 2018

Sarah is a truly gifted Seichem reiki teacher, and one I would recommend without hesitation. With Sarah not only do you learn reiki, she invites you on your own personal journey. We chose to study over a six week period which I really do recommend, also feel we got to practise more at the sessions, but also in between sessions we were given great tasks e.g. Chakra cleanses and meditations, which really connected to support reiki healing. You then also have the chance to ask questions and share knowledge and personal experiences. It gives you time to feel and recognise different energies. I now view life and situations so differently, Sarah made me who I am today and I really cant stress that enough!
And I thank her with all my heart.

Kirstie 2016

Thoroughly enjoyed my reiki course and being taught by Sarah. Reiki 2 passed and given lovely certificates for doing so. You get so much literature to take away with you, your manual with all the symbols and how to and why. Unconditional support is given my Sarah throughout and after your course. She's a great teacher, very caring, warm hearted and extremely knowledgeable about so many different holistic methods. Highly recommend you give her a call if this is your journey, path you'd like to walk. :)

Neil 2016

I highly recommend Sarah as a great and very experienced reiki seichem teacher. I have done my reiki seichem 1, 2 and reiki masters 3 with her and am now doing my master teachers with her. We had a lovely group and enjoyed learning with Sarah so much. She spends time going into depth to give a deeper understanding of reiki and seichem healing, while helping the personal individual needs of each student. Sarah is wise and supportive teacher to learn form and I have highly benefited and thoroughly enjoy the whole expereince. 10 out of 10!

Nicole 2013

I joined Sarah and Helen from Reiki Dreams on a tour to Avebury Henge in Wiltshire in July 2013 and had a Reiki I attunement by the River Kennet on a warm summer's evening. Visiting Avebury was a magical experience, and I was delighted to be able to combine both a mini holiday with Reiki development and guided meditation. Thanks to Sarah and Helen for arranging this trip, and for being beautiful women, warm, open hearted and great teachers. I left Avebury with fond memories, a feeling of a greater more ancestral connection to Earth energy and new friends

By Nicola Jones.

Kim 14th February 2011

The first time I had reiki with Sarah, I was very unsure as to what reiki involved. Upon meeting Sarah I was immediately put at ease by her calm and friendly nature. The treatment itself was really relaxing and almost immediately I noticed a major improvement in my emotional health. The treatment is completely non-invasive and gave me a warm, sensation throughout my body. Sarah is a brilliant healer and has improved my overall health in an amazing way through her treatments. I would wholeheartedly recommend Sarah to both those new to reiki and experienced clients alike.

Neil 12th April 2010

I went to Sarah for a Reiki-Seichem healing earlier this month. I am a very experienced patient as I have been having spiritual healing from several healers for the last 14 years. Reiki-Seichem was every bit as good as spiritual healing but a little different as Sarah was healing through the Spiritual Charka Energy Centers. I suffer for some stress related problems and well as some physical disharmonies of the body. Within a few seconds as Sarah began to heal my head, I could sense the energies coming into my mind and soon after I felt very much more peaceful and relaxed. I could feel a great deal of warmth coming from Sarah’s hands even though she was healing sometimes through the aura rather than hands on, as some healers do. I felt a slightly different energy in my mind and it was very pleasant and even after she moved down over my chest the energy remained in my mind. She then moved over my solar plexus and could feel a very vibrant energy coming into me and it seemed to light my solar plexus up! Then Sarah said she was putting the sun symbol into my solar plexus charka and that was just what it felt like. As she moved down my legs I told Sarah I had a problem with one of my feet and when she got to my feet she knew which one it was that was troubling me. I also had a problem with the tendon in the back of one of my feet, when Sarah healed it at first I felt a cool energy that seemed to draw something out, then soon after a warm energy that seemed to be healing. Once I turned over so Sarah could heal my back and the back of my legs I told her I have an old injury in my back but did not tell her where, it very rarely troubles me now, I think she scanned my back and then said is it in your coccyx and I was amazed! She was right, it was in my coccyx indeed. When Sarah had finished she balanced my aura and chakras, the healing lasted an hour and Sarah told me the healing would continue for up to 3 days and over the next day I could still feel some of the effects of the healing and was quite peaceful in myself.

Neil - Bognor

Paranormal Investigation

Collette March 2018

I always felt something wasn’t quite right with my partners house. I would stay over a couple nights a week, could never get a decent nights sleep there, I would arrive full of energy and a gulf of tiredness use to hit me soon after I arrived. My partner would be miserable, grumpy, and almost detached from the world, like he was “zoned out”. He would sleep for 15 hours at a time. I was almost convinced he was suffering from depression, as I couldn’t understand his behaviour but also knew this wasn’t his personality. When he stayed at mine, he would be happy go lucky, put him back in the house, he would change to this person I didn’t recognise or like.

I kept telling friends there is something wrong with his house. I decided to test my theory and he came to stay with me for 3 months. He was full of life, kind, helpful and wanting to go out and do things. This confirmed it was the house.

Fast forward a few months we ended up back at his.This time things had changed, it was getting worse. He returned to his former self and I was becoming a mirror image of him, miserable, grumpy, isolating myself as not wanting to see anyone, sleepless nights and any night I stayed with him I would wake up in the middle of night and go sleep in the other bedroom. It was as if I was being driven out of our bed. All sounds strange, I know!

I was telling a friend one evening, and feeling very deflated and on the brink of splitting up With him. My friends sister recommended Sarah. I had always had a belief in the spiritual world, but this was totally different. Throughout all of this I had every confidence in Sarah and her team. I had never met Sarah but something was telling me to put all my trust in her, and I did.

Xmas was upon us, and Sarah looked after us by keeping in contact by email, she even gave me her number to call, that really was very comforting. Sarah had placed protection around us, keeping us safe.

The day came that Sarah and her team were going to cleanse the house. My partner and I left that afternoon. We were apprehensive about coming back in the house, but knew it had to be done. We had also learnt from a friend that the day Sarah cleansed the house, the lamppost came down outside our house almost blocking the drive. We was shocked at this, a coincidence maybe, but when do lamp posts just fall down???

We finally plucked up the courage to come back, upon entering we could feel the difference, the energy had changed, the house didn’t feel so heavy. It took me around a month to stay in the house as I was just too nervous. My partner stayed and I watched him very carefully to see if the old signs were creeping in. I’m glad to say they didn’t. I eventually agreed to stay, and I had an amazing sleep.

We owe so much to Sarah and her team. They are simply incredible people , and truly skilled experts in their field. I have nothing but admiration for them all.

Several months on, I’m now getting ready to move in the house and we are so happy. We wouldn’t have this had it not been for Sarah. Neither my partner or I ever thought in our lifetime we would experience what we did, but we did, and we came out the other side of it. I will always be thankful and indebted to Sarah and her team.

I think I maybe too long lol -you made such a difference that I can’t be brief about it lol. Feel free to change as needed. Hope it’s ok? Xx


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