What is Oceanic Reiki ⛩

🐚 Oceanic Reiki is a healing system combining the Japanese, Chinese, Indian and Tibetan styles of reiki with seashell therapies used by some Polynesian people’s. It can also accompany different cultural healing modes from around the world. After all the seas surround us all.

🐠Life came out of the sea and we go through a ‘fish’ stage in the womb and are made up of a saline water, so it makes sense for us to look to the oceans for our healing and we all know how relaxed we feel beside the sea. In this day and age the oceans need us to heal them too, we’ve all seen the bleached coral beds and the islands of plastic floating and trapping sea creatures. Oceanic Reiki offers the seas healing as well, we see it as a two way thing – an exchange of energy.

🐬Oceanic Reiki strives to give you peace, healing and serenity and if it can, take your pain, stress and anguish away. This healing mode has been 15 years in the making and has taken many twists and turns along the way and the masters are discovering new wonders that these shells bring us continually. Reiki is a changing energy which moves with the times not unlike the seas.

🐉 Qi is channeled through the practitioner from land, sea, sky as well as sun, moon, stars and planets and use colour bathing where needed. It incorporates certain types of shells which omit ‘light healing frequencies’, Fibonacci Sequences, musical tones and trap negative qi within their cavities taking it away from the recipient’s auric field and body. This relaxes the recipient who may feel the gentle ebb and flow of the tide coupled with other sensations brought in by ascended masters, dragons and undines and sea creatures to heal body mind and soul.

🌊 Treatments are non-invasive and can be used alongside conventional medicine and complimentary therapies. These will be held in a sacred space with soft music, seashells, crystals and essential oils. Clients remain fully clothed and can lie on a couch or sit in a comfortable chair and healing lasts a full hour. They may also be taken on a visualisation if appropriate.

🕉 Workshops in Oceanic, Seichem and Usui Reiki, Psychic Development, crystals, meditation and divination are taught through the Reikidreams and Crystal Earth teaching school. Spiritual pamper parties and house/space clearings and blessings are also available.

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