Learn to be a reiki and seichem healer with courses to suit your needs in Worthing West Sussex.

Courses in Oceanic Reiki© will be ready for January 2019.

One to One Classes £30

24 hours cancellation notice required for healing or teaching

Self Healing/refreshers Reiki-Seichem One initiation - Reiki 1 Learn the self healing hand positions, protection, grounding, the chakra system and visualisation techniques. £60

Reiki Master Class Meditation and Graduation.

Reiki I & Seichem I

No previous experience needed

    Two initiations - Reiki 1 & The Violet Flame, manuals, learn to heal yourself as well as friends & family, learn to ground, protect, the chakra system and much more. £120
Reiki Seichem 1 Student Graduating
Sarah & Reiki 1 Student

Reiki II & Seichem II

You must have completed Reiki I first

    Three initiations - Reiki 2 & Two Seichem initiations. Learn to become a reiki practitioner, send distant healing with symbols and starting to work with the Egyptian & Melchizedek Seichem systems. Space clearings and much more. £150
Reiki Seichem 2 Student Graduating
Sarah & Reiki 1 Student

Reiki Master III

You must have completed Reiki I & II

    Reiki-Seichem Masters (non-teaching)
    One initiation - Reiki Masters. Getting deeper into reiki and exploring the roots of the system, some Daoist, Tibetan and Indian energy work, water rituals, Earth healing. £200
Reiki Seichem Masters Student Graduating
Sarah & Reiki 1 Student

Reiki Master Teacher III

    Reiki-Seichem Teaching Masters
    By appointment only £250
Reiki Seichem Masters Meditation
Sarah & Reiki 1 Student

Oceanic Reiki 1 Beginners

Oceanic Reiki 1 (complete beginners)

    2 day course or 4 afternoon/evening sessions.
    Manual provided on pdf.
    Giant shell provided.
    1 attunement.
    Grounding, protecting, chakra system & auric field.
    Self healing with your hands and shell and all the interesting things it can do with it.
    Guided visualisations and meditation techniques.
    Japanese, Hawaiian and Western techniques.
    Colour therapy unique to Oceanic Reiki.

Oceanic Reiki 1 Practitioners

Oceanic Reiki 1 (practitioners and other therapists who understand chakras, grounding and protection as well as client/practitioner etiquette)

    1 day course (or split into 2 classes).
    Manual provided on pdf.
    Giant shell supplied.
    1 attunement.
    Visualisation meditations, inner path working.
    Learn to self heal with your shell as well as all the other interesting things it can do with it.
    Japanese, Hawaiian and Western techniques.
    Colour therapy unique to Oceanic Reiki.

All courses can be taught remotely via Skype/watts app or other by appointment

Course Dates: Oceanic Reiki 1 First (practitioners course to be held in Worthing, West Sussex Sunday 20th January 10:30 - 4:30 (refreshments provided)
Oceanic Reiki 2
(March 2019 will only be open to those who have completed Oceanic Reiki 1)

Other Courses

Crystal Therapy 1
Learn: histories, shapes & make up, chakra system, pendulum dowsing, cleansing & programming, energy sensing, wands, grids, visualisations, how to run a therapy session, hands on experience, a few assignments. £120

Crystal Therapy 2
Learn: geopathic stress, fang shui, electro magnetic fields, ley lines, space clearings, pendulum and rod dowsing, more on going practise. A few assignments. £120

Initiations into The Egyptian Cartouche System
Learn about Egyptian gods/goddesses, symbols and hieroglyphs. Journey into Ancient Egypt by guided visualisations and try fun energy excercises. This is an ongoing monthly group running a Friday evening at £10 (you don’t have to do them all)

Psychic Development 1 & 2 (6 lessons per course) (single classes available)
Designed to give introductory afternoons to develop interests and skills. Guided visualisations, grounding, protecting, chakra systems, mediumship, channelling and transfiguration, automated writing and drawing, dowsing with pendulums, crystals, tarot and oracle cards, past/future life regressions and much more. £120

Natural Magic 1 & 2 (6 lessons per course) (single classes available)
Learn visualisations, circle work, moonphases, sabbats, working with deity, fairies, animals, herbs, oils, candle magic, ritual, BOS and much more. £120

Courses generally run Saturday 2-5pm with tea and cake. Classes start with a relaxing visualisation and are held in a fun and informative way. Lots of hands on experience. You will have access to a private Facebook group for notices, questions, observations and healing requests.

Coastal Magic (Sundays 11am - 4pm once a month) £40 per class, tools provided, refreshments. Please dress accordingly. (On line courses available at a reduced price) Learn to work in a fun and safe way with the coast. The tides effect us even if we don’t live near it. This course has fun exercises with the sea, sun, moon and tidal flow, great visualisations, crafting of magical tools, learn to scry with the sea and other tools, learn to recognise weather and oceanic phenomena, flora and fauna, legend and lore and learning to work ritual and healing.


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