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Sarah has developed her "Oceanic Reiki©" System of Reiki & is a Reiki Seichem Master Teacher. Sarah has been teaching fun and informative classes since 2011 in Reiki, Seichem, Egyptian Cartouche initiations, meditation visualisations, psychic development, crystal healing, natural magic and now Oceanic Reiki© using the power of the oceans and sea shell healiing.

This year Sarah graduated to Druid level within the worldwide organisation of The Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (OBOD). She is now learning to be a Celebrant for the pagan community.

About Us

SarahSarah also offers combined healing and readings with tarot, runes, crystals and seashells, etc. "A druid's perspective" Sarah calls it.

Sarah and her team also offer help with paranormal investigations, space clearings of houses or business premises with disturbances. Special reiki clearings and cleansings can be done on people or objects effected by things that frighten them or that they don’t understand.

Sarah is a keen flute maker and crafts simple bamboo decorated flutes from the Japanese and Persian cultures at a very reasonable rate. Each is a one off and makes a good gift for the beginner.

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