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We are fully insured, certified Teaching Masters and healers in Reiki Seichem Terra Mai who also offer individual or group healings and classes, meditation guidence and workshops as well as Psychic Development courses. We also offer a space clearing and classes service. We closely work with a tai chi teacher in our work incorporating some of the Daoist breathing and qi techniques which we have found greatly aid our work.

If you would like a private healing with Helen and Sarah or individually by either this can be arranged.

About Us

SarahHelen and Sarah met in a reiki class. Noticing that they worked well together, both sharing common interests in Earth Energies and the ancient cultures. They have practised and honed their healing and teaching skills with guided visual meditations and a variety of fun excercises to help their students to feel and experience how energy or Qi works to heal body, mind and soul.

Helen and Sarah also offer initiations into The Egyptian Cartouche system which connects the student into the energies of Ancient Egypt and the Near East which combines well with the Seichem healing.

They often visit the sacred Sites of earthworks and crop circles in Wiltshire taking those students who wish to experience healing through a druidic perspective to these energetic spots such as Avebury Henge West Kennet Long Barrow. Sarah is a member of the OBOD ( The Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids ) at the Ovate level - that of a healer through energy work and tree and herb lore. Helen's interest lie with the angelic and elemental energies of which she is very sensitive to. There are pictures in the Gallery section of these visits.

Tours by appointment - please ask for details.


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